SF Bay Area Renters
Don't be victim to rising rent prices.

Find a co-owner or two, start the ownership process early, and pay off your home monthly for less than the cost of rent. We show you how from A to Z.

Home ownership just makes sense

It’s the perfect time to stop renting and start owning. Rental prices are reaching an all-time high and mortgage interest rates are the lowest in the last two years. Take what you would spend on rent and instead put it towards your own home.

Average rent prices in San Francisco by year
San Francisco mortgage interest rates by year
Based on current San Francisco rental data provided by Zillow

Co-ownership with Realtaasa

Once you’ve signed up, Realtaasa will help you from A to Z. You are in good hands with our network of co-buyers like you; and the best TIC experts serving San Francisco Bay Area for decades.

Already have a co-owner in mind? Even better. Co-owning with a family member, spouse, or friend will make the ownership process even faster.

Let the numbers do the talking

Interest rates have come a long way in 30 years. Securing a mortgage now while rates are still low means you can get more house for your money. Even a small increase in rates will drastically impact your budget.

10% Down payment
Monthly Payment
Your own home valued at
Fully paid after
30 yrs
Based on current San Francisco averages of a 5% interest rate, property tax rate of 1.2%, and marginal income tax rate of 33%. Monthly cost is derived after tax savings. For illustration purposes only.

How does it work?


Realtaasa is your buyer's agent, we introduce you to other qualified co-buyers and sellers. You can also bring in your own co-buyer.


You choose any property on sale in your area from Realtaasa’s website or other real estate websites.


All co-buyers apply for a group loan or separate loans, Realtaasa helps you write and present your offers to seller until accepted.


All co-buyers sign a legal co-ownership agreement customized for them by a local expert lawyer.

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