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Our mission is to help keep housing costs affordable in desirable locations to our members.

Realtaasa is the real estate co-ownership network

Realtaasa connects you with other buyers, investors and sellers to buy or sell prime properties. Co-ownership is a legal way for more than one party to own property together. It provides a mean for buyers to own in a desirable location instead of renting. For sellers, this may mean much less taxes or no moving away from family and friends.

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You have the choice to keep renting and worry about eviction. Or you can start NOW with home co-ownership at the same price as your rent, build your credit, save faster for full ownership in a few years. Take control of your life, start today!  Click here to learn more OR
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Thinking of selling your entire property? No problem; in addition, we help you look at other more profitable options. With hundreds of qualified buyers as members, we use our network and technology to get your property maximum exposure and sold in less time.  Click here to learn more OR
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Realtaasa is small, dedicated team with over 33 years of experience in the real estate and start-up world. We're passionate about revolutionizing the way people own real estate to make it profitable, practical to lifestyles without the hassle of ownership and financial risks.

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